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About This Book

Looking at key sexologists throughout history including Sigmund Freud, Marie Stopes, and Alfred Kinsey, this book investigates how sex research has shaped our current attitudes toward sexual behavior and identity. From anthropological surveys and questionnaires to ancient sex toys and machines, The Institute of Sexology presents fascinating findings alongside a wide range of rare documents, artworks, photographs, and erotica from the past. Spanning several centuries, the book delves deeply into sexual practices and conventions from all over the world at different time periods. 

From raunchy ancient carvings to 1920s erotic postcards, The Institute of Sexology proves that kink has been around for longer than you think. The book’s compilation of sexually progressive memorabilia opens a visually stimulating discussion on the topics of sexual freedom and fetishism. Through their documentation of courtship rituals from faraway lands and their historical government-sponsored sexual questionnaires, sexologists encourage us to take a critical look at our approach to sexual practices. Sexologists have hugely influenced our attitude toward this most basic of subjects, yet The Institute of Sexology reminds us that while contemporary reservations on sexuality are being loosened, there were times in the past when sex and sexual identity were explored much more openly. 

Preconceived ideas are thrown out the window in this richly illustrated book that suggests that our understanding of sex is in constant evolution. The Institute of Sexology highlights the profound effect that the gathering and analysis of information can have in changing attitudes and lifting taboos.

  • Editors: Wellcome Collection
  • Release Date: December 2014
  • Format: 18.5 × 24.5 cm
  • Features: Full color, hardcover, 192 pages
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-0-9570285-6-2

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